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About Us

Doing Business with Information Enabled

bulletInformation Enabled Inc. is a registered FBN of Mackey Group Inc., a California Corporation, incorporated in 2000, for the sole purpose of making a material difference in the effectiveness of information flow.
bulletOur purchasing department can be reached by voice at 310 376-8016 or via email at purchasing@infoenabled.com.
bulletOur accounts payable and receivable operations are enabled for electronic payments and funds transfers. Our website is enabled for direct B2C and B2B electronic commerce. For inquiries, please contact our business manager via email at accounting@infoenabled.com.

Foresee (4C) Success Business Model

Information Enabled remains focused and decisive through its "Foresee (4C) Success" business model, derived from over 20 years of experience with world-class companies. We work with companies that are serious about achieving a measurable improvement in their business.

bulletCustomer satisfaction - Highest quality execution of client work on budget and schedule
bulletCompetitive advantage - Effective marketing and sales to targeted groups
bulletCreativity - Generation and advancement of leading edge intellectual property
bulletChange - Systematic and continual evolution of the corporation

Biography - Wayne A. Mackey, President

Wayne Mackey is the founder and President of Information Enabled Inc. His expertise is grounded in over twenty years of hands-on management of large engineering, manufacturing, and procurement organizations. His management consulting is focused on leading edge practices in product / service development, and he is especially effective in gathering and applying the Voice of the Customer, collaborative design, metrics, supply chain management and business strategy implementation.

Prior to forming Information Enabled, Mr. Mackey worked in industry for 20 years in high tech, aerospace and automotive fields. He has been a Principal with Product Development Consulting, Inc. since 1997. He is a natural change agent and leader, having counseled Fortune 500 companies, major universities (Stanford, MIT) and government agencies in product and service development, strtagey implementation, supply chain management, and rapidly implementing enterprise-wide change. Mr. Mackey also has worked as a senior scientist, material operations manager, program manager, engineering manager, and systems engineering manager.

Mr. Mackey is the co-author of the Product Development and Management Association's PDMA ToolBook 3, Value Innovation Portfolio Management, and Innovate Products Faster.

Mr. Mackey has been a conference chairman and keynote speaker on rapid organizational change and is a featured speaker in the areas of strategy implementation, performance improvement, metrics, supply chain management, and product and service development. He has hosted forums and been on expert panels for numerous organizations. He has been an industry advisor for The Management Roundtable and the International Association of Product Development.

Mr. Mackey earned a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and economics from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a Master of Science in engineering, from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. He is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). In 1997, he was leader of the Nationwide Metrics Task Force and has participated in the following organizations: Stanford University's Integrated Manufacturing Association / Global Supply Chain Forum, the American Society of Quality (ASQ) and MIT's Lean Aircraft Initiative.

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